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The Creative Process

Time, space, light, color, life, they all seem to sift through our fingers as the moments of our present give way to the ever evolving now. How can I honor the divine beauty of life? This is the quest of my inner artist.

My desire to preserve the precious & fleeting beauty of flowers transforms the world, reminding me that every decision we make is impactful and satuarated with meaning.

As I opened up to listening, I began to hear the flowers speak to me. They have asked me to acknowledge their beauty, importance, and meaning and to share that with the world. My hand painted backgrounds travel with me as I traverse the country & the world on various adventures. When a flower calls out to me, I choose to communicate with them and preserve their life force image with a digital photograph. The time I spend with plants is deeply intimate and I am compelled by inexplicable forces to share those precious and fleeting moments with the world.

Plants and flowers have a subtle and profound effect on the environments where they live.

When these images hang on the walls of our homes, workplaces, and external environments, they help to shift the energy toward a lighter, expansive, and more vibrant frequency. Often times a subtle shift can lead to profound effects.

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